Mobility Concept – founder of the mobility budget

Company profile

Mobility Concept is specialised in organising business mobility for employers and employees. Our service is fully tailored to the needs of our clients and ranges from advice to implementation and management. Our versatile online platform, Mobility Portal, is at the heart of our service.


Mobility Concept was established in 2011. It grew from many years of know-how and experience in the professional mobility industry, and from the idea that things could be done differently: smarter, better. This is why Mobility Concept came up with the personal mobility budget. It is a budget for employees with or without a lease car. Mobility Concept is now the only provider in the Netherlands to successfully carry out mobility policies on a large scale. Thousands of users from various industries make daily use of the solutions offered by Mobility Concept.

Our clients: custom-made service for large and small organisations

Our clients can be found in many sectors: the business and financial industry, construction, the chemical sector, health care, and so on. The solutions offered by Mobility Concept are suitable for large as well as small organisations:

  • Mobility Concept solutions are scalable and can simply be upscaled for large numbers of users.
  • The fair and flexible pricing model guarantees that the solutions are also attainable for smaller organisations.
  • Mobility Portal is Mobility Concept’s flexible and user-friendly solution for managing any mobility policy. Mobility Portal can be tailored for any organisation in an easy way.

The team – passionate professionals who go the extra mile

Our team consists of ten talented and passionate professionals. They excel in their field of expertise and go the extra mile. They are at your service day in, day out. For us as a team, the following values are important:

  • Focus on clients: we develop clear, user-friendly mobility policies, tuned to your needs in a flexible way.
  • Transparency: we are open about how we work and what we do. We explain clearly what information we capture, and who has access to that information.
  • Teamwork: we get the best results by developing and sharing ideas together, both within the team and with our clients and partners.
  • Excel: we continuously focus on innovation and improvement. That’s how we anticipate new needs in business mobility.
  • Sustainability: our work should have a lasting, positive effect on People, Planet and Profits.
  • Fun: we love our work and we want to make other people as enthusiastic as we are about what we do.

Management – Experienced in mobility issues

Mobility Concept’s management team has extensive knowledge of, and experience with business mobility.

Paul Dam, partner and co-founder

Paul Dam (1963) is responsible for consultancy and for marketing & business development. Until 2010 he was General Manager at Mobility Mixx, a service provider in the business industry for mobility cards and timeshare cars. Before that he held various management positions in car lease companies. Paul is the initiator and a board member of OCDM, a Dutch collective of entrepreneurs in sustainable mobility.

Robert van der Schaaf, partner and co-founder

Robert van der Schaaf (1965) is responsible for consultancy and for product development & operations. Until 2010 he was responsible for projects and company strategy at LeasePlan. Before that he held various management and consulting positions, and he was active in financial services, telecommunication, trade and industry, and professional services.