Mobility budget

Our mobility budget gives employees the flexibility and freedom to make the most of their mobility. This can be done with or without a lease car. Employees are able to combine the main forms of mobility, such as public transport, bicycle and (shared) car. In this way, employees themselves can meet their changing travel needs and travel daily in the most efficient manner.

The mobility budget offers various advantages:

  • The ideal solution for employees' individual and changing travel needs
  • Combines the (company) car with other forms of transport
  • Gives employers control over mobility costs
  • Effective tool for achieving sustainability objectives
  • Fully customised for your organisation

The mobility budget can be set as a fixed amount, possibly supplemented with compensation for kilometers actually driven. In this way, the budget adjusts according to the changing travel needs of individual employees. Mobility Concept fully tailors the mobility budget to the specific needs of an organisation and its employees.

Our other mobility schemes

Flexible travelling: reimbursement of actual travel costs

Under this policy, an employee's travel by private transport is reimbursed based on actual commut travel. This makes it easy to combine this reimbursement with other allowances, such as allowances for public transport, the use of (leased) bicycles or a from home allowance. This allows employees to decide where they work and how they travel each day.

The reimbursement of travel expenses is arranged entirely digitally via Mobility Portal: employees register their commuting and business travels using their own transport and justify the use of the mobility card online. Mobility Portal makes it immediately clear which costs will be settled with the employee.

  • User-friendly and easy entry of expense claims
  • Simple justification of mobility card and service use
  • Digital approval of claims and insight into costs for managers

At a large healthcare service provider, employees combine own transport, public transport and shared cars. They can enter their expense claims easily and they have insight into their travel data.

Read how a large healthcare service provider encourages employees to travel more sustainably.

Bonus-malus-lease budget

With Mobility Concept's bonus-malus-lease budget, the employer's lease policy remains the basis. The bonus-malus budget encourages lease drivers to make smart choices, choices that allow them to save money. Employers can settle the costs of private use and fuel with lease drivers on an individual basis using our online platform. Mobility Concept's bonus-malus leasing budget therefore encourages environmentally and cost-conscious behaviour and ensures fair distribution of the company car as an employee benefit.

  • Reduces the employer's leasing costs
  • Encourages sustainable and cost-conscious behaviour
  • Fair distribution of company car as employee benefit
  • Opportunity for company car driver to save money

Read how Capgemini stimulates lease drivers with our bonus-malus-lease budget to drive more economically, refuel more cheaply and use their cars more consciously for private purposes.

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