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Mobility Portal is our online platform - with accompanying mobile app - for both employers and employees. Employers can manage their mobility schemes online, without having to invest in hardware or software. Employees can combine all kinds of transport in any way they prefer with a single app: Mobility-as-a-Service. In doing so, ease of use is key.

Benefits for employers
Benefits for employees

Mobility scheme tailored to the employee

The type of mobility scheme can be fully customised for each category of employees, such as the reimbursement level, budget size and types of transport. Fiscal rules are implemented during administration. Gross and net amounts that are to be paid out are determined automatically.

Easy ordering of travel products

Managing travel products (such as a mobility card, public transport subscription or a leased bicycle) is taken out of employers' hands. Employees can order their travel products in Mobility Portal, with or without approval of a manager. This is all fully configurable.

Accounting for use of a mobility card and other travel expenses

Journeys made using a mobility card (such as the NS Business Card) are automatically registered. Employees account for their trips online. These are approved or disapproved. Deductions, such as costs for private use and unlawful expenses, are submitted to the payroll administration fully automatically. These expenses can be easily offset against the employee's salary.

Encouraging different travel behaviour with financial incentives

As an employer, you decide on the financial incentives. Via financial incentives, you encourage different travel behaviour, including more economical driving, cheaper refuelling and less private use of the lease car. Moreover, it also encourages working from home, more sustainable travel (including travel by public transport, carpooling and cycling) and less parking.

Easy settlement of private use

As an employer, would you like to allow private use of a mobility card? This is absolutely possible. The employee can easily register such private use in the web environment or in the app. Settlement takes place via deduction from the salary or payment by the employee.

Independent of suppliers

Mobility Concept's online solution connects to employers' existing contracts with suppliers, such as leasing companies, rental companies and mobility and fuel card providers. Employers can therefore continue existing processes and contracts as normal.

Reporting CO2 emissions business mobility

From July 1st, 2024, employers with more than 100 employees will be required to report CO2 emissions from business and commuting traffic. Mobility Concept takes the entire administration off employers' hands and provides all the necessary data to meet the reporting obligation in 2024.

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Fully integrated with HR systems and processes

Mobility Concept's solutions integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems and processes. Payment and salary files are automatically delivered with the gross and net amounts to be settled. Mobility Concept has links to the most common HR systems.

Online management environment

There is an online management environment available for HR departments and lease and payroll administration. All relevant information can be found there. Reports can be requested in Mobility Portal at the touch of a button. The reports are tailor-made.

Benefits for employers

  •  Easy management of mobility policies
  •  Stimulate sustainable travel behaviour
  •  Independent of suppliers and technology
  •  Connects to existing processes and systems
  •  Takes all administration over from employers

Choosing a suitable mobility package: online choice tool

Employees are getting more and more options. A lease car or a mobility budget, whether or not in combination with own transport: how do you maintain an overview and make responsible choices? Mobility Concept's online choice tool offers a solution. This selection tool provides insight into the financial consequences of choices and travel behaviour, naturally within the framework of the mobility scheme applicable to specific employees.

Personal 24/7 online account

All employees receive personal login details for Mobility Portal and the app. With these, they can plan, book and pay for journeys. This gives them 24/7 insight into their travel data, costs, allowances and CO2 emissions, and they immediately see the effect of their transport choice on the mobility budget. Mobility Portal supports the various choices and displays all information clearly in a single overview.

Planning and booking a trip on a smartphone

Employees can easily compare different travel options, with the planner taking into account the current traffic situation. Moreover, they can also book transport directly via the app, e.g. a taxi, shared car or rental car. Travel preferences are easily adjustable. Naturally, employers decide which types of transport their employees can use.

Automatic registering of trips and expenses

Labour-intensive claim processes are a thing of the past. Journeys and costs are registered automatically through links with the mobility providers and mobility cards. Journeys in the (lease) car are automatically registered by telematics in the (company) car or an app. It is easy and user-friendly. The information is immediately visible in Mobility Portal and in the app.

Combining transport modes of your choice

In case the employer's mobility scheme combines different modes of transport, employees can always choose the best means of transport for that moment. They have access to all relevant types of transport: company car, own car, train, bus/tram/metro, public transport bicycle, shared car, P&R, rental car and taxi. Sometimes it may be the car, but at other times public transport may be more convenient, for example in combination with a public transport bike or a shared car. Employees thus get maximum flexibility in how they travel.

Online travel expense claims

Employees can easily submit claims for personal transportation, parking expenses, home office allowances and other expenses, either online in the Mobility Portal or in the app. Depending on the choice, expense claims are submitted to the manager for approval. In the Mobility Portal there is real-time insight into the status of the claim.

Service desk support

If employees have any questions, Mobility Concept's service desk is ready to answer them. They can be reached through e-mail or phone. Employers therefore also outsource this part of the management of their mobility scheme to us.

Benefits for employees

  • Personal account
  • Wide range of transport options
  • Freedom to make own mobility choices
  • Intuitive and user-friendly app
  • Fiscally optimised

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