Mobility Concept’s online solution: Mobility Portal

The online solution offered by Mobility Concept is a digital platform with an accompanying mobile application for employers as well as employees. Employers manage all mobility policies in the user-friendly online solution by Mobility Concept. There is no need to invest in hardware and software.

24/7 overview of trips, costs, reimbursements and CO2-emission

All employees receive personal login details for the Portal. This gives them 24/7 access to their travel data, expenses, reimbursements, and CO2-emissions. They immediately see the effect of their travel choices on the mobility budget. This information creates awareness and causes a change in travel behaviour, because people can get more from their mobility budget by making smart choices.

Combine different types of travel

If your organisation’s mobility policies combine different kinds of travel, your staff will now have an opportunity to choose the best type of transport for that moment. Sometimes it will be the car, but other times public transport may be preferable, for example in combination with a rented bike or a time share car. This gives employees maximum flexibility in their way of travel. Mobility Concept’s online solution supports the various choices and clearly lists all the information in one overview.

Automatic registration of trips and costs

Labour-intensive expense procedures are a thing of the past. Travel data and expenses will be automatically captured thanks to the use of mobility cards and petrol cards. Trips in a (lease) car will be automatically registered by telematics in the vehicle, or by an app. These devices are easy and user-friendly. The information is directly visible in the online platform from Mobility Concept.

Use financial incentives to stimulate other travel behaviour

You can personally decide which financial incentives you want to use. They will boost a change in travel behaviour, for example achieving lower fuel consumption, getting cheaper petrol, and less private use of a lease car. In addition it will stimulate working from home, more sustainable travel (including travelling by public transport, car pooling, and cycling), and lower parking costs.

Online management functionality and reporting

An online management functionality is available for HR departments and for administrative staff dealing with leases and salaries. They too can request reports with just one click of a button in the Mobility Concept online solution. Mobility Concept will arrange the design and layout of the reports according to the client’s wishes.

Compatible with existing suppliers and contracts

The online solution by Mobility Concept fits in perfectly with any existing contracts you have with lease companies or suppliers of mobility cards and petrol cards. Existing processes and contracts can continue unchanged.

Cost management with NS Business Card and other mobility cards

Trips made using the NS Business Card or other mobility cards are registered automatically. Employees account for their trips online. These trips are then approved or rejected. Deductions, such as for the cost of private use and ineligible costs, are sent to the payroll department in a fully automated manner. These costs can then easily be deducted from the employee’s salary.

Advantages for employees

  • Personal login details
  • 24/7 overview of travel information
  • Flexible choice between car and public transport
  • Get more out of your mobility budget
  • Automatic travel registration of trips and costs

Advantages for employers

  • Simple management of mobility policies
  • No investment in hardware and software
  • Independent of other mobility suppliers and technologies
  • Automatic expense procedures
  • Tailor-made management reports

The Mobility Portal enables us to offer a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing mobility policies. Mobility Concept’s online solution can quickly and simply be tailored for any organisation.