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  • Can flexibly respond to employees' individual travel wishes
  • Stimulate sustainable transport
  • All administration is taken care of

Proven solutions for flexible mobility policies

Ambitious CO2 targets, changing travel patterns and the need for flexibility and freedom of choice call for modernising mobility schemes. Mobility Concept helps you as an employer with advice, implementation and management of mobility schemes that are fully tailored to your situation.

  • can flexibly respond to employees' individual travel wishes
  • encourage sustainable travel behaviour and reduce CO2 emissions
  • keep mobility costs under control or even reduce them
  • no longer have to worry about mobility administration
  • choose for a proven solution

With our versatile online platform Mobility Portal, we implement innovative mobility schemes, such as the mobility budget. We provide these services on a large scale, for leading employers. Tens of thousands of employees make use of this on a daily basis.

Advice, implementation and management

Mobility Concept designs mobility tailored to your specific business needs. Our foundation: extensive knowledge of leasing and modern mobility schemes:

  • Develop new mobility policies
  • Implement new mobility and lease policies
  • Manage mobility policies such as mobility budgets
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User-friendly mobility platform with app

Mobility Portal is a digital platform with an accompanying mobile application for employers and employees. The employer can manage the mobility policies in Mobility Portal with ease. Employees have online and in the app a personal environment to compare, reserve and use all types of transport. There is no need to invest in hardware or software.

  • Solution entirely tailored to your company
  • Easy combination of all types of transport
  • Automatic registration of travel data and costs
  • 24/7 insight into travel data, costs, allowances and CO2 emissions
  • Online management environment and reports
  • Integration of all types of mobility services and mobility cards
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How we help our customers

Mobility Concept combines existing mobility solutions with its own smart solutions to create unique customised solutions. With this, as an employer, you offer your employees an attractive employee benefit. Simultaneously, you reduce CO2 emissions and you keep the costs of business mobility under control.
  • Mobility budget Optimal mobility flexibility and cost control
  • Flexible travel Reimbursement of actual travel, use of public transport and mobility services
  • Bonus-malus lease budget Encouraging desired behaviour (improved awareness of private use and fuel consumption)

About Mobility Concept

Mobility Concept is dedicated to organising business mobility, tailored to the individual needs, from advice to implementation and management. In addition to employers, we also target mobility providers and cities with our platform. Our customers come from various industries: from government to business and financial services, from energy companies to the healthcare sector. Mobility Concept's solutions are suitable for both large and small organisations. We are fully independent and offer an open and neutral platform for all mobility service providers.

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