Mobility Concept: proven solution for mobility policy and mobility budget management

Naturally, you want to be able to anticipate the new mobility needs of employees and offer them greater flexibility, while at the same time keeping mobility costs under control or even lowering them, and encouraging sustainable travel behaviour.

Mobility Concept helps you achieve these goals by providing advice, implementation support and mobility policy management. The result:

  • Flexible response to individual preferences;
  • Mobility cost control or even reduction;
  • Reduced CO2-footprint;
  • A proven solution.

Advice, solutions and implementation

Mobility Concept offers advice and support in solving mobility issues. Mobility Concept designs tailor-made solutions for every client. Our basis is an extensive knowledge of leasing and of modern mobility packages.

  • Develop new mobility policies
  • Implement new mobility and lease policies
  • Manage mobility policies such as mobility budgets
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Our mobility app – Mobility Portal

Mobility Portal is a digital platform with an accompanying mobile application for employers and employees. Employers manage all mobility policies in the user-friendly Mobility Portal. Employees have their personal page in Mobility Portal to look at their travel information. There is no need for you to invest in hardware and software.

  • 24/7 access to travel data costs, allowances and CO2-footprint
  • Combine various travel modes
  • Automatic registration of travel data and costs
  • Online functionality for management and reporting
  • Independent of mobility suppliers

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How we help our clients

Mobility Concept combines existing mobility solutions with its own smart solutions. Many clients have already successfully reduced their mobility costs thanks to our solutions. At the same time they offer attractive fringe benefits for employees.


  • Mobility budget for lease car drivers
    Cost control and optimal flexibility in mobility
  • Bonus-malus lease budget (sustainability bonus)
    Stimulating desired behaviour (improved awareness of private use and fuel consumption)
  • Expense management
    Submit, view and approve expenses online; one overview of all travel data and costs

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About Mobility Concept

Mobility Concept is fully specialised in organising business mobility for employers and employees, 100% tailored to your organisation’s needs, from advice through to implementation and management. Our clients come from various industries: technical services, life sciences, accountancy, ICT and HR services, and the construction industry. They operate on a regional as well as an international level.

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