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From advice and development to implementation and management: as an employer, you can fully outsource your mobility scheme to us.

Development of a new mobility policy: proven approach ensures support

We provide advice based on our extensive knowledge and practical experience with HR schemes, mobility offers and the tax rules. From the start, we involve all stakeholders, such as HR, CSR, procurement, management and works council. We back up our advice with the necessary analyses and a clear business case.

  • Develop mobility policy and scheme
  • Develop a business case
  • Implement new mobility schemes

Online management of mobility policies: fully tailor-made

The online mobility platform Mobility Portal tailors mobility options to your individual employees’ needs, implements the mobility policy, encourages sustainable travel behaviour and takes over all administration.

All mobility in one app – Mobility-as-a-Service

The online platform gives your employees access to all kinds of mobility services, such as public transport, shared cars, shared bikes, shared taxis, shared scooters, rental cars and taxis and carpooling. Employees can also order travel products such as a mobility card, public transport season tickets, bicycle season tickets and a leased bicycle. You can decide which services are available to which employees.

  • Access to various mobility services and travel products
  • Online orientation and making of (travel) choices
  • Plan, book, travel and pay
  • Travel expense claims
  • Overview of all used services and costs.

Full administrative handling, integrated with your (HR) systems

We offer our mobility concept in the form of Mobility-as-a-Service. This means that Mobility Concept takes care of the administrative handling of your mobility schemes online, without you having to install any software. The core of our online management is Mobility Portal. As an employer, this platform allows you to manage your mobility policy very easily. You receive a single invoice for the use of these mobility services.

  • Budget and allowance management
  • Encourage sustainable travel behaviour
  • Simple administrative processing
  • Insight into travel behaviour and CO2
  • One invoice for all mobility services

Mobility Concept supports all types of mobility schemes, such as mobility budget, bonus-malus-lease budget and flexible travel.

Support for your employees

For questions, your employees can contact our service desk. Our employees know your organisation's mobility policy or policies, and help your employees make choices as well as answer any of their further questions.

White-label solution: mobility platform in your own brand style

Mobility Concept allows employers, mobility providers and cities to link all forms of mobility to a single platform. We fully customize our mobility platform for you with the desired brand style and mobility services. This gives you access to a complete Mobility-as-a-Service solution, without having to invest in hardware or software.

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