Advice and implementation

Mobility Concept offers advice and management of mobility policies. Our advice is tailor-made and based on a wide practical experience with HR policies, mobility solutions and fiscal aspects. Stakeholders such as the works council and senior management are involved from day one. We support our advice with a business case. Our mobility policies are flexible and meet the demands of individual employees. We help employers to control or even reduce their mobility costs, and to diminish CO2 emissions.

  • Develop a new mobility policy
  • Reduce mobility or lease costs
  • Introduce a mobility budget or an incentive program
  • Arrange the acquisition of lease cars and other mobility products
  • Implement a new mobility or lease policy

Online management of mobility policies

We focus on the practical issues: we organise the administrative processes of your mobility policies and make sure they are fully integrated into your existing HR processes. The design of your mobility budget and its administration is tailored to your organisation.

The heart of our online management system is a versatile online platform: Mobility Portal. This is where you as an employer can manage your mobility policy online in a simple way. Your employees have 24/7 access to their travel data costs, allowances and CO2 footprint. Thanks to this functionality, you do not need to invest in hardware or software. Mobility Concept is the only one in the Netherlands that has successfully rolled out mobility budgets on a large scale.

Mobility budget
The mobility budget gives employees the freedom to make more informed travel choices. The mobility budget can be used with or without a lease car.

When used with a lease car, the budget offers flexibility in terms of travel options and encourages lease car drivers to be more aware of costs and environmental impact. If no lease car is used, employees are personally responsible for their mobility choices, with the possible addition of attractive options like a mobility card or private leasing.

  • The perfect solution for individual travel needs
  • Combines the car with other types of transport
  • Attractive fringe benefits
  • Controllable and lower mobility costs
  • Reduced CO2-footprint

Case Rabobank: Rabobank has successfully done a pilot to stimulate other travel behaviour amongst its lease car drivers. A mobility budget policy and a business case were developed tailored to the objectives of the Rabobank. Rabobank uses Mobility Portal.

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Bonus-malus lease budget
For bonus-malus lease budget, the lease policy is the starting point. Similar to the mobility budget, it stimulates lease car drivers to make smart choices. By doing this, they can save money. At the same time it allows the employer to control the cost of mobility.

  • Stimulates good behaviour
  • A fair distribution of the car as a fringe benefit
  • Controllable and lower mobility costs
  • Reduced CO2 footprint

Case Capgemini: Capgemini employees who opt for a lease car get a bonus-malus leasebudget. This way, Capgemini stimulates lease car drivers to change their travel behaviour: cheaper petrol, less private use and lower fuel consumption are rewarded. Read more about the no-claims bonus budget at Capgemini.

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Management of expenses and travel costs
Management of expenses and travel costs is done entirely via the online platform Mobility Portal, from submittal by employees to approval by management including providing the information for the payroll. These travel costs include the costs of all transport options including the use of mobility cards and pool cars.

  • Expenses entirely paperless and digital
  • Automatic capturing of all mobility costs
  • All travel costs in one overview, 24/7

Case health care: Employees of a big healthcare organisation choose their own transportation. A mobility card registers their trips by public transport; trips with own transport are registered in Mobility Portal by the employees themselves. The management approves the trips online, after which the payroll department receives the expenses fully automated. Read more about the automatic processing of expenses and travel costs in a large healthcare organisation.

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Cost management with NS Business Card and other mobility cards
A mobility card gives your employees the possibility of unlimited travel, both work-related and private, even if they only have a route subscription (trajectabonnement). Improper use of this card can result in unmanageable costs. The online platform from Mobility Concept gives your employees the convenience of the mobility card, while enabling you to keep costs under control.

  • Employees account for their trips online
  • These trips are approved or rejected
  • Private use of the card and ineligible costs are sent digitally to the payroll department for deduction