Encouraging employee bicycle use? Here's how to do it


Discover three steps to a sustainable cycling policy

Cycling is a healthy and sustainable alternative to traveling by car. Is promoting cycling already on your agenda? It provides you with vital employees and a reduction in CO2 emissions. In this article you can read about the possibilities to stimulate the use of bicycles and how Mobility Concept can support you with this.

Bicycle potential

Did you know that some 50% of all employees live within 15 kilometers of work? And research shows that 25% of car commuters* are willing to switch to another mode of transport with the right arrangements and facilities. There are opportunities there for the (electric) bicycle!

If you want to start with bicycle stimulation, it is important to first know the bicycle potential of your organization. Our mobility consultants will be happy to investigate this for you. With this analysis, you will know immediately whether cycling pays off within your company.

Three steps towards a sustainable cycling policy

Making different travel choices has to do with behavioural change. How do you ensure that employees choose to cycle and continue to do so? This is possible with an approach of incentives and rewards. In three steps, you will shape your sustainable cycling policy:

Step 1: Encourage bicycling with an allowance

Consider giving bicycling employees a generous(er) mileage allowance and also reimburse them for trips to and from the train station. By doing so, you set up an incentive that keeps employees biking even when the weather is colder and wetter.

Step 2: Remove barriers to purchase

Riding an electric bike becomes accessible to more employees with a lease bike scheme, because the purchase price of about 3,000 euros does not have to be put on the table. Moreover, they can use the bicycle for business and private purposes without restriction (due to the 7% additional taxable benefit). Other possibilities: providing a bicycle via the WKR or interest-free loan.

Step 3: Provide good facilities

In addition to financial arrangements, you can pay attention to the bicycle facilities at your company location. By doing an inventory with employees, you will hear what is needed, such as:

  • Good facilities such as locker rooms, showers, hair dryers and drying rooms
  • Spacious, locked bicycle sheds, with charging points
  • A mobile bike repair and maintenance service

What choices do you make?

With your goals (such as vital employees, sustainable mileage, cost savings or parking savings) and bicycle potential as a starting point, our consultants can support you with your bicycle policy, including business case. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choices.

Everything arranged in our mobility platform

Easily arrange your policy, implementation and management in our all-in-one mobility platform. Whether it's about: • Differentiated mileage allowances • Choice of lease bikes and bicycle subscriptions based on your scheme • Mobility cards for sustainable travel options • Mobility budgets (in combination with lease bike, mobility card or mileage allowances)

Everything is modular and configurable per employee. Your employees plan, book, pay, travel and administer all transport options in one app. Today the bike, tomorrow public transport and the day after tomorrow the car. It doesn't get more flexible than that.

Green miles in your mobility policy

There are several ways to encourage cycling. Moreover, you are immediately preparing for the mandatory CO2 reporting Work-related Passenger Mobility (WPM) that takes effect July 1, 2024, because bicycle kilometers are green kilometers. Cycling fits well into a sustainable and modern mobility policy.

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*Source: daszogefietst.nl