Schiphol Go: mobility manager in the cloud


The mobility app - developed by Mobility Concept on behalf of the Schiphol Group - takes all of the hassle of working from home and commuting off the hands of employers. As an employer, you only need to set the conditions and allowances in. the app. The app keeps track of the kilometres and home working days for each employee.

In the Schiphol Go app, also the thousands of employees of the Schiphol Group keep track of when they work from home and how they travel to work or to a business appointment. The app provides an up-to-date overview of all the different modes of travel and their carbon footprint. Therefore, you are no longer limited to one way of travelling that you once agreed on with your employer. You now receive a compensation for the costs you actually incurred.

"Employers in the Schiphol area can start using the mobility app for their own employees. As the app takes over so much of your administrative work, it makes it a lot easier for your employees to travel in a flexible way. In this way, Schiphol Group wants to contribute to a better accessibility in the Schiphol area," said Roger Vieira, Service Owner Personenvervoer Landzijde at Schiphol Group.

Download the item about the launch of the Schiphol Go platform in the newsletter of Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar here. In the Greater Schiphol Accessibility programme, Royal Schiphol Group, municipality of Haarlemmermeer, province of North Holland, SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company), Transport Region Amsterdam and the Ministry of I&W join forces for better infrastructure, sustainable mobility and behavioural campaigns.